The most versatile karaoke machine on the market.
For Over 20 Years Sounds For Fun Entertainment
Has Used VocoPro Equipment As Our Rental Equipment...
It's Pro-sound, Versatility and Rugged construction,
Make It The Obvious Choice!  
The Go!

Need a "to go" P.A. system that's easy to
transport and set up? VocoPro's all new
JamCube has got you covered!

The JamCube is durable, full-featured, and
with its adjustable shoulder strap, super
easy to transport. The system is built around
a four-channel mixer that can accommodate
both microphones & instruments. Its built-in
media player will play just about every kind
of disc out there, including CD, MP3, DVD,
CDG, and Photo-CD. If you prefer to tote
your media on a portable storage device,
the onboard USB port and SD card slot can
access your files. It's the dream machine for
Karaoke Home Party's, program directors,
traveling pastors & aerobic instructors. So
take along the JamCube on your next trip
and fill the room with some kicking sounds.

And can be easily expanded!
◾JAMCUBE COVER lightweight nylon
dust cover
◾2 MARK-8 Microphones
◾WS-5 Mic windscreen 5 pack
◾Weight: 34 lbs
Only $289

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Professional Stereo 400W Powered Vocal Speakers

Professional Stereo 400W Powered Vocal Speakers      

The PV-802 200W Powered Speaker system is self-powered
and does not need an external amplifier to
supply it with power. This means you can connect any mixer,
player or other audio device directly to its
Stereo RCA Audio Inputs for instant sound

* Pair of Vocal Speakers designed for studio or club use
* Power rating: 400W (200W + 200W)
* Self-powered speakers do not require an external amplifier
* On- board Master Volume control
* Master Bass and Treble controls
* Side-mount adaptors for use as a floor monitor (included)
* Speaker stand mountable with optional speaker stand adapter
* Outputs: Speakon speaker out, Stereo (L/R) RCA Record Out
* Inputs: (L/R) RCA Line In
* Shipping Dimensions: 16 3/4" (L) x 20 1/2" (W) x 22 1/4" (H)
* Shipping Weight: 51 lbs
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Only $369

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VocoPro is proud to introduce the VHF-3005

Superior sounding vocals, a clear signal and
an easy choice for singers and entertainers
alike. This dual channel VHF wireless
microphone system is the perfect solution for
home karaoke, smaller gigs, public speaking
and more. Both channels include individual
volume controls for precise vocal balancing
and individual 1/4" outputs for use with a
receiver or mixer, allowing you pro-quality
control over your vocal mix. The VHF-3005 is
great for home entertainment, yet it has what it
takes to withstand the challenges of public
use. It is designed to better resist outside RF
interference, so you can sing without any
unwanted distractions. Set yourself free with a
wireless system that's built to last and that will
keep you sounding like great for years to
come. Head to your local VocoPro dealer and
pickup a VHF-3005 today.

Frequency Sets
VHF-3005-3 VHF A, VHF B
VHF-3005-4 VHF C, VHF D

◾ Frequency Sets:
VHF-3005-3: VHF A, VHF B
VHF-3005-4: VHF C, VHF D
◾ 2 wireless handheld mics included
◾ 2 mic outputs
◾ Individual Volume controls for precise vocal
◾ Antennas provide clear RF reception
◾ Rugged 1 RU metal receiver chassis
◾ VHF Band (180 MHZ-250MHZ) Quartz Lock for
Drift Free Operation
◾ Rack-mountable with included mounting brackets
◾ Shipping Dimensions: 12 3/4" (L) x 17 1/2" (W) x
4" (H)
◾ Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
◾FCC license may be required
Only $119.95

FREE Shipping Handling .
Add Wirless Mics and a Digatial Recorder.
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The Perfect Machine for Karaoke Home Party’s, Entertainers in Nursing / Assisted
Living centers, Yoga / Exercise Instructors, Preachers and anyone who needs to
make a Presentation or Speech.  
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For speaker Stands!
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2 Custom Speaker Stands
for PV 802 Speakers
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