When you rent a Karaoke system from Sounds For Fun...

You don't get just a Karaoke system, You get a complete integrated party system!

Lets take a quick tour to see why

From the home screen you control the Karaoke, the Dj
style Music (mps3's) and Videos / slide shows
This is the home screen.
Choose a Karaoke song from the book. To the left of the song there's a number, using
the remote input the number (
0152 for example) and press enter
This is the main Karaoke Screen
There are times during any party when you may want dinner music, dance
music or DJ style music. This screen is where you can control that. If you
choose the MUSIC tab you will be presented with a list of folders.
Choosing the DJ music folder will give you access to all the DJ style music (Mp3's)...
You can click on the first song and the system will play all the music
or you can choose a particular song.
There are also folders with dinner music and DJ Music and more!
One of my personal favorites is the "Best Of Motown" old school... So cool baby!
(Some play lists are by request or are seasonal)
*If your having an Anniversary, reunion, birthday Etc. And you plan on making a short
movie or a slide show for the event, you can send me the movie or slide show and I will
put it on the system under the video tab for quick and easy access.

I will hook the system up to your existing large screen TV or your LCD projector
"No Extra Charge".
(TV and projector must have easily accessible RCA or HDMI

Don't have an LCD projector... No problem!

I have an LCD projector and a 75 inch projector screen you can rent for an
additional $100. (With any rented Karaoke system)

(If you ever tried to rent a projector and screen, You already know that's a bargain)
And just like that... The song starts!
Now just sing!
To view our
Karaoke Books

Click Here

(A PDF reader
is required)