All Products sold on this side come with a one year Manufacture
Limited Warranty: To save time contact the manufacture direct:

Do one of the following:
1) Fill out the warranty card that came with your unit
2) Register your unit online.
click here. When finished click the back
arrow on your computer to return here.

*Proof of purchase is required for all warranty work.


1) Warranty starts from the original Date of Purchase and is good for
1 year.
2) This warranty only covers failures due to defects in materials or
workmanship. It does not cover damage, which occurs in shipment or
results from alterations, accidents, misuse, introduction of liquid or
other foreign matter into the unit, abuse, neglect, installation,
improper maintenance, or  failures that are caused by products not
supplied by VocoPro, and modifications by anyone other than the
Factory or Authorized VocoPro Service Center.
3) Warranty does not cover 2nd hand products.
4) Warranty does not cover shipping costs.

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